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We Manufacture various type of "O" Ring having different material specifications and different cross sections.

Some Moulded Products we Manufacture
Packer Elements in 70 & 90 duro hardness with special grade rubber.
Size: 412 propac, 512, 700, 958, 13 3/8 , double duro packers etc.
Wafer seals of different sizes &shapes:
Victaulic gaskets.
Size: 1¼", 1½", 2", 2½", 3", 4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12" & 14"

Rubber Star/Spider Coupling elements for generator.

Special made Vee Packing Seals.(nbr+fabric)
Flexible Woods Sure-Flex Couplings
Redress Kits of Various sizes for different Tubing Hanger Make.
(eg: 4½" JSK make, 3½" Audcomake, 3½" BHEL make etc.)

Chickson Seals (Hammer Union Seals)
Size: 1", 1½", 2", 3", 4" & 5"
Material: Nitrile, Neoprene & Viton

Spring loaded Seals with S. S. Springs oh both sides.(various sizes)

Rubber Oil Seals.
(various size & materials, eg: rubber(any), PTFE, Leather etc)
(type: Metal Inside, Metal Outside, Metal Outside close type)

Bellows & Boots (for different purpose)
Butterfly Valve Inserts
Bushes of different types & sizes
Hoses (high pressure &flexible hoses with end fittings)
Swab Cups
Spacers / Washers
Metal & Rubber Bonded Items
(e.g.: seals, foundations, stock mount, etc.)

Extruded Products as per prescribed profile
(eg: 'O' Ring Cord, strips, V & U Profiles, beeding for packing, hatch packing etc.)

Rubber Impellers for pumps of various sizes &shapes with different types of metals inserts (eg: Brass, Steel, Aluminum & Nylon)

Chevron Seal Sets (for hydraulic equipments)
(Set: Consist of Top Seal + V-seal + Bottom seal)

Gaskets: Square, Round & any shapes as per required.
'U', 'V' & Wiper Seals: of any size from a wide range of materials in any dimensions.

Frac Valve Inserts & Boot Wide Section for FE Plunger HT- 400 Cementing unit.
Size:4½", 6" (Halliburton Make) & 5" (Dowell Make)

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Rubber 'O' Rings
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